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Funding your move to renewable energy

Solar panels allow you to achieve immediate savings, by significantly reducing your electricity costs quickly, easily and with no upfront cost.

Go Green. Save Money.

With a Guaranteed Production and Zero Maintenance responsibility, your business can stay protected against rising energy costs whilst significantly reducing your carbon footprint. The main two options are Solar Panel Lease or PPA but there are many other grants and funding options with the push for Net Carbon Zero.


Go Green. Save Money.

What is the difference between a PPA and leasing?

In short, a solar lease is where you pay a fixed month or lease payment, which is calculated using the estimated production of the system, in exchange for the right to use the PV system. For the duration of the lease, you will pay a fixed monthly amount, guaranteed to make savings from day one. This fixed sum also includes maintenance of the system for your complete peace-of-mind.

A solar PPA differs from this in that, instead of paying to rent the PV system, you agree to purchase the power generated by the system at a set price per kWh. You rent your roof and buy the discounted solar electricity that is generated, rather than investing in a solar PV system of your own.

Power Purchasing Agreement

A PPA is fully funded solar PV model with no, or low, upfront costs which offers reduced energy costs and the opportunity for long term savings. It allows a developer to design, finance and install a solar PV system on a client’s property. In return, the developer sells the generated energy back to the customer, at a lower and better rate.

Leasing Solar Agreement

Leasing solar panels makes the switch to solar energy more attainable for customers who may not have the cash reserves required for the upfront investment in solar panels. However, unlike buying solar panels, or using a payment plan toward the purchase of solar panels, leasing solar panels means you do not own them. Rather, a third party owns the equipment.

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