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We are GreenLight Solar. Engineering Excellence and Experts in Green Energy Installations.

What We Do

We have a team of Management, Sales, Operations, Engineers, and skilled operatives to enable us to carry out any type of project at any scale. With cloud-based project and task management systems we keep our entire team connected which allows us to complete the project efficiently.


Solar PV Installation

The sun can provide a amazing amount of energy even in the UK, with 173,000 terawatts reaching the planet.  Working with us at GreenLight Solar can make your journey to sustainability energy easier with our expertise. 

Electric Vehicle Chargers

Home charging stations are the most convenient and cost effective way to charge your new electric vehicle. With the expanding market of electric vehicles, GreenLight Solar can help you reach your goal for being Net Carbon Zero with our range of services and skilled engineers. 

Air Source Heat Pumps

Air source heat pumps are a  renewable energy solution that can use as much as 70% of natural energy absorbed from the outside air and the other 25% comes from electricity.

Solar Battery Storage

Solar Battery storage is a way to connect your solar system to a battery so they can use that energy at night or in the event of a power outage. A solar-plus-storage system is a great solution it is a battery system that is charged by a connected solar system.

Quick Quotes

Contact us and speak to one of our experienced solar experts. Supply us with some simply information and get a quote set out to you in no time. What are you waiting for? Go Green.


Funding your move to renewable energy Solar panels allow you to achieve immediate savings, by significantly reducing your electricity costs quickly, easily and with no upfront cost. Choose a PPA or Solar Lease from a finance partner and your ready to go.

Sustainable Energy Solutions 

Benefits of Green Energy

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Save on your bills

Whether your thinking about solar or investing in a electric car and installing a charger, with the rising energy prices, you will save on your energy prices.

Go Green. Help the Planet.

Moving to renewable energy sources will reduces your usage of fossil fuels dramatically and help you on your journey to Net Carbon Zero.

Free your energy

Live off then grid and produce all your own energy and free yourself from ties to energy companies.

Why Choose Us?

Engineering Background

15 years of excellence in the industry on a variety of scale projects.

Established Customer Service

A large team to deal with your queries and keep you in the loop.

Experts in Renewable Energy

With a background in mechanical and electrical we have extensive knowledge of green energy systems.

Trusted Installers

Accredited by MCS, RECC and BSI so you know your in good hands. 

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Domestic Installations

Our professional teams carry out domestic services to ensure your property is compliant with all statutory regulations. We use a cloud-based system with our live dashboards to provide instant sharing and backup of any certificate.

This allows our team to process information instantly to the desktop manager to review and process the certification with maximum efficiency, also allowing our customers to review, process, and action quickly. This means you systems can be installed with out any delay

Commercial Installation

From initial design and planning, we can deliver solar and renewable energy projects from design right through to hand over. Our multi-skilled teams are dynamic and get involved in different parts of each project, this approach improves knowledge within the team and makes everything run smoothly.

All our projects are carried out with our bespoke project management system which includes group chat communication, order processing and project management tools. This allows our office and site staff to be in immediate communication and process changes, orders and general progress instantly between managers and operatives.